1. Helipad 3 Pilot Kneeboard - Right Leg
Helipad 3 Pilot Kneeboard - Right Leg
Helipad 3, Kneeboard

Helipad 3 Pilot Kneeboard - Right Leg

Part Number: 1508-2
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Designed for Right Leg application

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  • The Helipad 3 Pilot Kneeboard is designed to be worn on the pilot's Right leg.
  • Includes a storage bag.
  • iPad Panel is not included. (May be purchased separately whenever you're ready.)

The Helipad 3 Pilot Kneeboard is uniquely designed with a tilting clipboard panel used to carry approach plates, checklists and other documents using binder rings you provide.  The patent pending design allows the pilot to open to a selected page of the documents and turn all previous pages underneath the clipboard panel, similar to using a spiral notebook.  All pages of the document can then be secured instead of being left open and flapping in the wind as with other kneeboards. 

You won't find another kneeboard like it as this was the primary motivation for our design.  The clear polycarbonate clipboard can be positioned underneath or on top of the documents allowing the pilot to see documents positioned underneath the clipboard.  A pocket on the side panel accommodates spare batteries for noise canceling headsets and a larger pocket is designed to carry an external power supply, such as a Mophie Power Station Pro, but will easily accommodate most cellular phones.  Attached to the flap of the large pocket by hook and loop is a pen holder that will carry two writing utensils.  The pen holder can be repositioned and was designed to also be used as a thumb rest for the collective control hand. 

 The kneeboard comes ready to upgrade to allow the pilot to carry a full size iPad or iPad mini using our iPad panel which is sold separately or included with the Helipad 3 kneeboard.  An adjustable leg strap with side locking buckle is now provided with all of our kneeboards.  A storage bag is also provided.

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